Client Case Study: Resumate

Resumate an AI-powered tool specifically designed for job seekers to effortlessly generate tailored resumes that align with specific job openings. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, this application thoroughly analyzes job descriptions and skillfully matches them with the user’s unique skills and experience. With Resumate, crafting a personalized resume has never been faster or simpler

Overview ⚡️

Problem Background

The problem with resumes that are not tailored to job descriptions is that they often fail to grab the attention of potential employers. When a job seeker submits a generic resume that does not specifically address the requirements of the job posting, it can be overlooked by employers or filtered out by automated applicant tracking systems.


The challenge of manually tailoring a resume to fit different jobs can be a time-consuming and stressful task for job seekers. This process involves carefully analyzing job descriptions and identifying the skills and experiences that are most relevant to each job. Then, job seekers must craft a unique resume that highlights those skills and experiences, while also showcasing their overall qualifications and achievements. The stress of manually tailoring resumes can lead to fatigue, burnout, and decreased motivation in job seekers.


An AI job-tailored resume generator app that uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze job descriptions and automatically generate tailored resumes for job seekers. With the app, job seekers can easily upload their existing resumes or input their work experience, and the AI algorithm will analyze job descriptions to generate a tailored resume that highlights their skills and qualifications relevant to the job opening.

Product Goals

  • To reduce the time and stress of manually tailoring resumes for job seekers.

  • To increase the accuracy and relevance of job applications by generating tailored resumes that match job descriptions.

  • To create a platform that can quickly and accurately identify the most relevant skills and experiences for each job opening, and generate a tailored resume that is optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Process ✏️

  • Research and Analysis

  • Strategy and Conceptualization

  • UI Design

  • UX Design

  • Testing and Refinement

User research 🧐

Empathize – exploring the user’s needs

The research phase began with white paper research to gain insights about resume, hiring process and resume tailoring where I stumbled upon an interesting facts. According to a survey conducted by TopResume, as of 2021:

~Tailoring a resume to a specific job increases the chances of getting an interview by up to 50%. 75% of job applications are rejected by applicant tracking systems (ATS) before they are even reviewed by a human recruiter~

User survey

A survey was conducted on 31 participants to gather information from potential users about their current resume writing practices, pain points, and attitudes towards Al-assisted resume writing. The survey also include questions about their job search experience, job application success rate. When asked about the challenges they face when creating a resume, 70% of respondents struggle to tailor their resume to a specific job, while 50% have difficulty highlighting relevant skills and experience.

User interviews 👩🏻‍💻

  • “I often find myself in a never-ending cycle of customizing my resume to fit each job opening, a tedious and time-consuming task that leads to frustration and burnout” – Sarah, recent graduate

Based on the user research, I Identify the key user needs and pain points. This include understanding their requirements for customization, ease of use, efficiency, flexibility, and more. Key Insights on User Needs below.

Personal development 👤

I created a personal as a constant point of reference to represent our target audience with insights from my user research which include target audience behavior, goals, motivations and pain points.

Opportunity identification 🎯

After conducting user research and analyzing the data collected, I identified a major pain point that job seekers face when applying for jobs – tailoring their resumes to fit different job descriptions. This process is not only time-consuming, but it can also be overwhelming and frustrating for job seekers, especially those who are applying for multiple jobs.

To address this pain point, we saw an opportunity to create an AI job-tailored resume generator that will make the resume writing process more efficient and effective. With this tool, job seekers can input their basic information and the AI algorithm will analyze the job description and tailor the resume to fit the specific job requirements. This will not only save time but also increase the chances of the resume getting noticed by hiring managers.

Ideation 💭

I conducted a Crazy 8’s ideation session to generate a wide range of ideas for the app’s features and functionality. The idea behind this technique is to force me to think quickly and not get bogged down in details. It’s also a great way for me to encourage a wide range of ideas, as the time constraints prevent me from overthinking.

User flows 🔁

Once the user needs were identified, I defined the user flow for the website. This basically involve mapping out the steps that job seekers would take to generate a tailored resume, including selecting a job posting, uploading their resume, answering questions, reviewing and editing their resume, and downloading or saving it for later use.

Wireframes ✍🏾

From the ideation session, I selected the most promising ideas and created wireframes to test with users. I also conducted a card sorting exercise to determine the best information architecture for the app.

User testing 👀

My goal is to gather your feedback on the website’s usability, design, and functionality, and to identify any areas where we can improve the user experience. I asked user to use the prototype to create their resume, and provide feedback.

What went well 🙂

  • “The process was so easy and straightforward. I was able to create a tailored resume in just a few minutes. The automatic cover letter was a nice touch too!”
  • I appreciated the option to import my existing resume”
  • “The website was easy to navigate and I was able to quickly find the sections I needed to complete.”

Areas for improvements

  • “The website was very user-friendly and I didn’t encounter any major issues. However, it would be great if there were some additional resources or tips for job seekers who are new to the process.”
  • “It would be great if there was an option to turn off certain types of suggestions.”

What I’d do differently next time 🤔

Conduct more extensive usability testing with representative users from the target audience. This will help identify usability issues, pain points, and areas of confusion early on, allowing for necessary adjustments and improvements.

Establish a feedback loop with users, actively seeking their input and suggestions even after the initial launch. Regularly evaluate and analyze user feedback to identify opportunities for further improvement and prioritize future enhancements.

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